Clomid 100mg.


Hi all!

I’m so sorry I never updated this week. Our house (read: Chrissy) was hit with a terrible bout of strep. It was awful! So glad she’s on the mend.

Note: Chrissy watched the entire Harry Potter Series while she was sick. For the first time. As a huge Harry Potter fan, this excited me so much!!

Aaaaannnnywayyy. Last Friday, we had our ultrasound.


The nurse said that I have multiple follicles (which contain an egg that is immature – the egg is released once it is mature) but they are not nearly big enough. Clomid 100mg just didn’t do it for me.

But on the upside, our doctor is amazing. She’s going to have me take Femara next month instead. We did some research and apparently it’s just as (if not more depending on the study) effective than Clomid. Fewer side effects and fewer cases of multiples! All of which I’m down for.

Also, the nurse did say all is well with my uterus! That lining is ready for a baby!

So, next month will be a trial run again. We have not made our purchase from the cryobank. We are planning to store it at home and want to do that for as little time as possible. As soon as we figure out what makes my body ovulate, it’s Go Time.


Abby & Chrissy


New Doctor!


Hi All!

Abby here. We went to our new doctor’s office yesterday. As you may or may not remember from our last post, our last doctor’s visit did not go well. In essence, no bedside manner. And it is important to Chrissy and I to have a good experience with this doctor. So we ventured out to find another.

Just a note here… I talked in my last post about asking questions and ensuring that you feel comfortable with your doctor. And I would like to reiterate that point. If something does not feel good, if you and your doc are not jiving, PLEASE do yourself a favor and switch doctors. This process is stressful enough. You want a doctor that will advocate for you and treats you with respect and dignity.  

Chrissy has a good friend that utilized this new doctor’s office for him and his wife’s fertility issues. And seeing as its the only other fertility office in our little town – we thought we would give it a try.

From the moment we walked in the door, everything was better. I’m not kidding. Everything from the waiting room to the women at the desk who greeted us.

Then came the doctor.




Our doc (let’s call her ‘Dr. N’) was a breath of fresh air from the start of our appointment to the last moment. Dr. N looked over my chart thoroughly. She was SHOCKED that they told me it was a possibility that I had a tumor. That my Prolactin levels were only slightly elevated and there was no reason to worry. Additionally, she said that only one result on my blood test indicated that I have PCOS. She called it a “very minor case”.

How I didn’t leap off that table and start dancing around the exam room is beyond me. We were so excited! She answered all of our questions. Her best friend from college is gay and did IUI to get pregnant. And she has preformed IUI procedures before! Chrissy’s big thing was to leave the office with a plan. Before Chrissy could even bring it up, Dr. N said, “Okay, so what’s the plan? Let’s get this started!” OMG. MY FAITH IS RESTORED. WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY.

At this point in the appointment she made a turkey baster joke. I love it.

We would like to take the fall months to save some money. (Sperm is NOT cheap and none of the procedures are covered under our insurance. But more on the financial side later….) Chrissy has graciously and selflessly offered to work as much overtime as possible so that we can stockpile to buy our little swimmers. With that said, Dr. N said that she would like to try Clomid out on me to see how my body reacts. Clomid is a drug that makes your body ovulate at a specific time. It makes my cycle very easy to track and will allow us to do IUI at the right moment.

We are going to do trial runs of Clomid in November and December to make sure that my body processes the drug properly and we have our timing right. Then, we will purchase our sperm (I believe that we have a donor picked) and have it shipped to us (2) units at a time. Each insemination is (1) unit and Dr. N thinks that we should try 2 times per ovulation.

“So, call me!” Dr. N says with a smile and a handshake to both me and my wonderful wife.

I cannot tell you how much this appointment has changed our perspective on this whole process. I thought getting pregnant was going to require a miracle. And it still may not work. But Dr. N made us feel like she’s on our side. She’s confident in the process and that my body will do well with the Clomid. She has a plan. And damn! She has a sense of humor.

I can’t wait to update you again on the process soon!


Abby & Chrissy

Who are we?


First, I just want to thank you for visiting the blog! Abby and I (Chrissy) started this because when we were getting ready to start a family we had little to no guidance and found that to be so disheartening. We didn’t have any friends who had begun this adventure and found ourselves floundering through so many different web pages for different stages of the process. We wanted to help, we wanted to put all the information from beginning to end and make it as easy to understand as possible. Feel free to follow us through this amazing adventure, we can’t wait for all of it to unfold!

Abby and I met in the most romantic of ways, online dating (haha). We were both in our twenties and were both looking for something serious. Our first date, was the best, last first date ever! I knew within the first few minutes that I was going to want to see her again and was so hopeful that she felt the same.

Fast forward 2 1/2 years, and we were married in front of 100 of our closest family and friends in an amazing vineyard in rural, Nebraska. It was the most amazing day of my life so far! I had waited so long for Abby and she was finally here and by some stroke of luck she had agreed to marry me!

Now, here we are. Chasing our family.

Love, Chrissy & Abby