Steps in *our* Process (this time)

Hi all!

Chrissy and I just got done with our 2nd IUI. It went AMAZING (hopefully so amazing that there’s a baby in me).

I wanted to give you all an idea of what *our* process… this time looked like (keeping in mind that each IUI, uterus, cycle, doctor, vagina, nurse, etc are all different).

Steps in the process:

-Get my period: I have to hold my breath every single month for my period to start. But, luckily, with the mix of fertility meds and a healthy diet, my body has come to a somewhat “normal” period.

-Planning: As we mentioned on our Insta, our doc is out on maternity leave. So, we switched doctors to someone that Dr. N recommended. I talked with our new doctor and he came up with a solid plan for us. (I have the overwhelming urge to call him Dr. McDreamy because he is a very good looking man – but we’ll just call him Dr. T!) Dr. T went over my file and came up with a new plan for this month.

-Femara: This fell a day late this cycle just because we were getting all of our information correct….

-Ultrasound: …But it worked! Day 14 ultrasound confirmed a follicle that was about 20.5mm.

-HCG Trigger Shot: I should have had this on day 14 when we went to the docs office to have my ultrasound. But, like a dork, I totally forgot the shot at home. So my wife willingly and happily gave me my shot again this month. She’s a gem!

-Insemination #1: Dr. T wanted to do one insemination a day earlier than we normally would (day 15) and then one on day 17 (we did 17 & 18 last month). He said this would be so there would already be sperm waiting for the egg when I ovulate. Great!

-Insemination #2: Went awesome! Just a note that I haven’t read almost anywhere: your cervix and uterus may be SUPER crampy after your first IUI of the month. If you are doing a second one a day or two later, do yourself a favor and take some Tylenol. It does wonders.

Something I learned this month is to trust the doctors even more than I already do – Dr. T wanted to do things differently. And I was pleasantly surprised at how everything was handled… after some minor worry that things were changing. Our doctors office is so amazing and I absolutely adore my wife who makes me laugh while I have my butt propped up on a pillow so the little swimmers head up instead of down.

Two weeks from now we’ll know!


Abby & Chrissy


Clomid: Day 5

Day 5 was much better than Day 4. I didn’t have a headache at all, my mood was fine and I only had a few hot flashes. I think part of how well yesterday went was that I knew I was on my last day. I made it through and didn’t have any sort of mental breakdown, Chrissy and I didn’t fight (which we rarely do but the Clomid horror stories had me worried).

I AM DONE WITH CLOMID (for this cycle). I am so glad to be done. I was worried about the side-effects. I was worried that the meds I would have to take to get pregnant would make me miserable (physically and emotionally). But, I have to say, everything went really well for my first round! Again, I was only taking 50mg and I may have to increase next month. Let’s just hope that I ovulate!

Next Steps: I will start taking home ovulation tests tomorrow. According to my doctor, I should ovulate on or around Monday (Day 14 of my cycle), which is when I am going in for my ultrasound to make double sure that I am (or am not) ovulating. I will then go for a blood test on the following Monday (Day 21 of my cycle) to make triple sure I ovulated.

…Never thought I would be talking about my lady bit so much. Just going to be honest.

Have a great Wednesday!





So… this starts today!!! As I mentioned in our last post, our doctor wants me to take Clomid for two cycles before we actually try to get pregnant just to ensure that we have the right dose. I am going to be taking the lowest dose to begin (50mg). Because I have PCOS, I may have to go on a higher dose, which I am glad I know ahead of time.

For those of you that don’t know or are just starting to look into this process, Clomid will stimulate ovulation in my body by blocking the estrogen receptors. Now, not being very medically minded myself, this didn’t make a ton of sense to me. It basically forces my body to have a “normal” cycle. My doctor recommended this not just because I do not have normal cycles but also because we want to make sure to control my ovulation so we know exactly when to do the insemination.

Also, just a note that Clomid is a very affordable way to control your cycle for the period of time that you are trying to get pregnant. Where we live, it was $21.99 per cycle (without insurance because our insurance does not cover fertility treatments).

According to my doctor, this is how my cycle should look and will now look because of Clomid:

Day 1: Start of period

Day 5: Start Clomid

Day 14: Ovulation should happen. This day, I will have an Ultrasound to make sure that I am, indeed ovulating. You can also, at this point opt to do at home ovulation tests. But, I want to make sure we know my body well and we know exactly what she is doing. Ultrasounds are the most precise way to know so we are going with that.

Day 21: Progesterone test. This was ordered by the doctor as another way to ensure that my ovulation cycle happened properly as Progesterone should be high after ovulation.

Now… I have heard from people I know and lots of people on social media that Clomid has some pretty terrible side effects. Hot flashes, headaches and worst of all, moodiness. I have known this since the beginning of starting this process. I plan to self-care a ton this weekend and journal here the entire time so I can track my moods (and hopefully give you all a heads up for what is in store). I am hopeful that this low dose doesn’t cause too many mood swings!

I am feeling amazing about this process. I trust our doctor and I have read countless articles and pamphlets about Clomid. I am so glad that we are starting early and that we will know how my body reacts. This is great! Everyone send your good thoughts our way that it goes correctly!!


Abby & Chrissy

Where We’re At.

Hi all!

We have not been overwhelmingly present lately. And that’s really because there is not much happening. But, we are coming into a really important few months. And Chrissy and I wanted to update you on what’s going on and where we are at.

At our last Dr’s appointment, our doc asked us to start taking ovulation tests. I have an app that is supposed to track my ovulation via my cycle, moods, etc. Which we have found is really difficult when I already have a fairly irregular cycle.

I went into the first test thinking it would probably not read with the little blinking smiley face. It didn’t. And I was fine! Chrissy and I knew that my cycle was irregular and that I would probably not ovulate when my app was telling me I would.

So I committed to taking a test every three days (as the normal cycle of ovulation is around 4 days long). So I did! The second test I was a little more excited about. It had to be positive!


It wasn’t.

And then it wasn’t again.

And again the next time.

And now my period is over a week later than it was last month.

My first reaction during those continual negatives was “Oh my goodness, my body is never going to ovulate and I am never going to get pregnant! GOOD GOD!” Of course I went into crisis mode. Thank goodness for Chrissy.

“Abby, it’s okay. We’re taking Clomid regardless. You’re body will ovulate. We just have to have a little help.”

So… I stopped taking the tests. It was making me feel like, in some way, I am failing because my body is not working the way I want it to. Which is UNTRUE. Women with fertility issues are NOT failing. I have not done anything to make it so my body does not ovulate. I have PCOS. I have always had weird periods. There is no fault to be placed. My body just needs a little help.

We will start taking Clomid after my next period (or in the middle of November, whichever comes first) to see how my body reacts and to ensure that it is making me ovulate. We will add sperm into the situation in January and try. We will get pregnant. And everything will be okay.

In the meantime, I am working on eating right and exercising. PCOS and infertility are helped exponentially by taking care of your body. I want this body to be baby ready! (And it helps me to be less stressed about the whole thing honestly.) My mom and I signed up for a 5k over Thanksgiving and I am excited to be training for that.

Wish us luck and we’ll update again soon!


Abby & Chrissy