Steps in *our* Process (this time)

Hi all!

Chrissy and I just got done with our 2nd IUI. It went AMAZING (hopefully so amazing that there’s a baby in me).

I wanted to give you all an idea of what *our* process… this time looked like (keeping in mind that each IUI, uterus, cycle, doctor, vagina, nurse, etc are all different).

Steps in the process:

-Get my period: I have to hold my breath every single month for my period to start. But, luckily, with the mix of fertility meds and a healthy diet, my body has come to a somewhat “normal” period.

-Planning: As we mentioned on our Insta, our doc is out on maternity leave. So, we switched doctors to someone that Dr. N recommended. I talked with our new doctor and he came up with a solid plan for us. (I have the overwhelming urge to call him Dr. McDreamy because he is a very good looking man – but we’ll just call him Dr. T!) Dr. T went over my file and came up with a new plan for this month.

-Femara: This fell a day late this cycle just because we were getting all of our information correct….

-Ultrasound: …But it worked! Day 14 ultrasound confirmed a follicle that was about 20.5mm.

-HCG Trigger Shot: I should have had this on day 14 when we went to the docs office to have my ultrasound. But, like a dork, I totally forgot the shot at home. So my wife willingly and happily gave me my shot again this month. She’s a gem!

-Insemination #1: Dr. T wanted to do one insemination a day earlier than we normally would (day 15) and then one on day 17 (we did 17 & 18 last month). He said this would be so there would already be sperm waiting for the egg when I ovulate. Great!

-Insemination #2: Went awesome! Just a note that I haven’t read almost anywhere: your cervix and uterus may be SUPER crampy after your first IUI of the month. If you are doing a second one a day or two later, do yourself a favor and take some Tylenol. It does wonders.

Something I learned this month is to trust the doctors even more than I already do – Dr. T wanted to do things differently. And I was pleasantly surprised at how everything was handled… after some minor worry that things were changing. Our doctors office is so amazing and I absolutely adore my wife who makes me laugh while I have my butt propped up on a pillow so the little swimmers head up instead of down.

Two weeks from now we’ll know!


Abby & Chrissy


Fertility Appointment #1

Hey all, it’s Chrissy. I’m going to write this post from my perspective of Abby and I’s first fertility appointment and what I learned, didn’t learn, loved and found to be disappointing.

First, like most appointments we had to wait, which was fine because honestly I enjoyed sitting with Abby and sharing our excitement. We had a few questions written down, questions that we couldn’t find answers to on the internet and questions that were more opinion based for our Doc.

The first lady into the room was a nurse,  she asked a lot of questions about Abby’s general health, exercise, menstrual cycle and moods. The nurse was super friendly and seemed engaged in the process and the answers.  The next lady was our fertility Doc, who had the personality of a wet mop. I wanted to raise my hand and ask for the nice one to come back! Abby even tried to lighten the mood by making a “Jurassic Park” joke referring to how the sperm would arrive to the doctors office, I laughed, the Doc not so much.

Abby and the Doc went over Abby’s cycles which seemed worrisome to the doctor as they weren’t always regular which could making conceiving more difficult. The Doc then made a very unfortunate comment basically stating “Well if Abby can’t conceive then we can try with you (meaning me!)”. What the heck? Just because there are two baby makers in this relationship doesn’t mean we can just substitute me in whenever. I was concerned with how quickly the doctor seemed to just pull in a pinch hitter and I could tell Abby was hurt too.

Abby and I quickly moved into our questions, “Which cryobank would you recommend?’ “What’s the process look like?”, “What does insurance cover?”. The Doc explained that Abby would need to get a blood panel done for hormones and they wanted to do an internal ultrasound that day to establish a plan.  The insurance question she wasn’t able to answer which was expected but we figured it didn’t hurt to ask. The Doc only referred two cryobanks which I thought was unfortunate, as the two the recommended were sister companies and basically one in the same.

I was happy to have the first appointment done but a little disappointed in the execution, it’s fair to say we shared a few adult beverages together afterwards!


I think it is important to understand how Abby felt during this process and she can get into more detail about the medical process in her next post!


Chrissy and Abby

Step One – Donors


Abby here!

So… what’s the first step in the process when you get pregnant as lesbians? Obviously the first step is to discuss the potential of parenthood with your partner. But, seeing as Chrissy and I did that via text before we even met … we had that step covered.

One of the first things we really did was make an appointment with a fertility specialist in our area. And, unsurprisingly, we had to wait almost two months for our appointment. In the meantime, we began doing as much research as possible about cryobanks, cost and how much testing and information they provide.

Something I think needs to be said here is that Chrissy and I discussed our donor options and we have decided to go with an anonymous donor. We do have friends that have and will use donors that they know. No one way is better than the other – this is just the route we have chosen to build our family.

We narrowed the search down to four cryobanks. They are all fairly well known. We were sitting on our couch one weekend, looking through all the information that was available. Saying that we were overwhelmed with the amount of testing, what was available, storage fees is the biggest understatement. Our heads were spinning…. But, I love spreadsheets. I used one to keep myself sane when I was planning our wedding and thought, why the heck not for finding the right sperm??


I put all of the different banks on the sheet that we were looking at. I compared testing that they did. Storage fees. The information about the donor that was available to us. Pretty much any information I could find.

And honestly? They were mostly the same. There was some things that were tested for through some banks and not the others – but all of the big ones were covered (all STDs, all of the most common genetic diseases). The main difference in all of them was the amount of information that you could get about the donor and price. Since we had already decided that we didn’t want to know the donor – the amount of information that we would be getting was somewhat irrelevant to us. We would like for our kids to look like us. But we also knew that we would never get a perfect match because we were going outside of our own families for donation.

So, in the end, we decided to go with a very reputable bank that was middle of the road price-wise. They offered all of the testing that was important to us and the information on the donors that we needed to ensure that the babes will look (somewhat) like us.

What’s next? We will discuss insurance, our fertility appointment, stress, money and everything else that comes with this process, stay tuned!


Abby and Chrissy