Clomid 100mg.


Hi all!

I’m so sorry I never updated this week. Our house (read: Chrissy) was hit with a terrible bout of strep. It was awful! So glad she’s on the mend.

Note: Chrissy watched the entire Harry Potter Series while she was sick. For the first time. As a huge Harry Potter fan, this excited me so much!!

Aaaaannnnywayyy. Last Friday, we had our ultrasound.


The nurse said that I have multiple follicles (which contain an egg that is immature – the egg is released once it is mature) but they are not nearly big enough. Clomid 100mg just didn’t do it for me.

But on the upside, our doctor is amazing. She’s going to have me take Femara next month instead. We did some research and apparently it’s just as (if not more depending on the study) effective than Clomid. Fewer side effects and fewer cases of multiples! All of which I’m down for.

Also, the nurse did say all is well with my uterus! That lining is ready for a baby!

So, next month will be a trial run again. We have not made our purchase from the cryobank. We are planning to store it at home and want to do that for as little time as possible. As soon as we figure out what makes my body ovulate, it’s Go Time.


Abby & Chrissy


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