Clomid: Day 5

Day 5 was much better than Day 4. I didn’t have a headache at all, my mood was fine and I only had a few hot flashes. I think part of how well yesterday went was that I knew I was on my last day. I made it through and didn’t have any sort of mental breakdown, Chrissy and I didn’t fight (which we rarely do but the Clomid horror stories had me worried).

I AM DONE WITH CLOMID (for this cycle). I am so glad to be done. I was worried about the side-effects. I was worried that the meds I would have to take to get pregnant would make me miserable (physically and emotionally). But, I have to say, everything went really well for my first round! Again, I was only taking 50mg and I may have to increase next month. Let’s just hope that I ovulate!

Next Steps: I will start taking home ovulation tests tomorrow. According to my doctor, I should ovulate on or around Monday (Day 14 of my cycle), which is when I am going in for my ultrasound to make double sure that I am (or am not) ovulating. I will then go for a blood test on the following Monday (Day 21 of my cycle) to make triple sure I ovulated.

…Never thought I would be talking about my lady bit so much. Just going to be honest.

Have a great Wednesday!




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