So… this starts today!!! As I mentioned in our last post, our doctor wants me to take Clomid for two cycles before we actually try to get pregnant just to ensure that we have the right dose. I am going to be taking the lowest dose to begin (50mg). Because I have PCOS, I may have to go on a higher dose, which I am glad I know ahead of time.

For those of you that don’t know or are just starting to look into this process, Clomid will stimulate ovulation in my body by blocking the estrogen receptors. Now, not being very medically minded myself, this didn’t make a ton of sense to me. It basically forces my body to have a “normal” cycle. My doctor recommended this not just because I do not have normal cycles but also because we want to make sure to control my ovulation so we know exactly when to do the insemination.

Also, just a note that Clomid is a very affordable way to control your cycle for the period of time that you are trying to get pregnant. Where we live, it was $21.99 per cycle (without insurance because our insurance does not cover fertility treatments).

According to my doctor, this is how my cycle should look and will now look because of Clomid:

Day 1: Start of period

Day 5: Start Clomid

Day 14: Ovulation should happen. This day, I will have an Ultrasound to make sure that I am, indeed ovulating. You can also, at this point opt to do at home ovulation tests. But, I want to make sure we know my body well and we know exactly what she is doing. Ultrasounds are the most precise way to know so we are going with that.

Day 21: Progesterone test. This was ordered by the doctor as another way to ensure that my ovulation cycle happened properly as Progesterone should be high after ovulation.

Now… I have heard from people I know and lots of people on social media that Clomid has some pretty terrible side effects. Hot flashes, headaches and worst of all, moodiness. I have known this since the beginning of starting this process. I plan to self-care a ton this weekend and journal here the entire time so I can track my moods (and hopefully give you all a heads up for what is in store). I am hopeful that this low dose doesn’t cause too many mood swings!

I am feeling amazing about this process. I trust our doctor and I have read countless articles and pamphlets about Clomid. I am so glad that we are starting early and that we will know how my body reacts. This is great! Everyone send your good thoughts our way that it goes correctly!!


Abby & Chrissy


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