Where We’re At.

Hi all!

We have not been overwhelmingly present lately. And that’s really because there is not much happening. But, we are coming into a really important few months. And Chrissy and I wanted to update you on what’s going on and where we are at.

At our last Dr’s appointment, our doc asked us to start taking ovulation tests. I have an app that is supposed to track my ovulation via my cycle, moods, etc. Which we have found is really difficult when I already have a fairly irregular cycle.

I went into the first test thinking it would probably not read with the little blinking smiley face. It didn’t. And I was fine! Chrissy and I knew that my cycle was irregular and that I would probably not ovulate when my app was telling me I would.

So I committed to taking a test every three days (as the normal cycle of ovulation is around 4 days long). So I did! The second test I was a little more excited about. It had to be positive!


It wasn’t.

And then it wasn’t again.

And again the next time.

And now my period is over a week later than it was last month.

My first reaction during those continual negatives was “Oh my goodness, my body is never going to ovulate and I am never going to get pregnant! GOOD GOD!” Of course I went into crisis mode. Thank goodness for Chrissy.

“Abby, it’s okay. We’re taking Clomid regardless. You’re body will ovulate. We just have to have a little help.”

So… I stopped taking the tests. It was making me feel like, in some way, I am failing because my body is not working the way I want it to. Which is UNTRUE. Women with fertility issues are NOT failing. I have not done anything to make it so my body does not ovulate. I have PCOS. I have always had weird periods. There is no fault to be placed. My body just needs a little help.

We will start taking Clomid after my next period (or in the middle of November, whichever comes first) to see how my body reacts and to ensure that it is making me ovulate. We will add sperm into the situation in January and try. We will get pregnant. And everything will be okay.

In the meantime, I am working on eating right and exercising. PCOS and infertility are helped exponentially by taking care of your body. I want this body to be baby ready! (And it helps me to be less stressed about the whole thing honestly.) My mom and I signed up for a 5k over Thanksgiving and I am excited to be training for that.

Wish us luck and we’ll update again soon!


Abby & Chrissy


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